Summer School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

24 - 31 August 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

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Stepan Moskaliuk

Polarization of photons in matter-antimatter Universe

In this talk we demonstrate the possibility of generation of linear polarization of the electromagnetic field (EMF) due to the quantum effects of the EMF in matter-antimatter annihilation for anisotropic space of the I type according to Bianchi. It has been established that matter-antimatter annihilation generate linear polarization effects of the EMF in anisotropic Bianchi I type space caused by external gravitational waves. We also ask whether the Universe can be a patchwork consisting of distinct regions of matter and antimatter. We demonstrate that, after recombination, it is impossible to avoid annihilation near regional boundaries. We study the dynamics of this process to estimate two of its signatures: a contribution to the cosmic diffuse gamma-ray (CDG) background and a distortion of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) too.