Summer School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

24 - 31 August 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

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Local Transport Information

Local Organizing Committee will take care to meet participants at the Belgrade airport as much as possible. However, in case you have to reach your accommodation place without help of the LOC, please follow the instructions below.

From the airport

The best way to reach the hotel "Royal" and hostel "Studentski Grad" from the airport is by taxi service:

Airport taxi service

Contact the TAXI INFO desk at the airport (in the baggage reclaim area), and ask for a taxi to your destination. Make sure to take a receipt at the information desk which contains the name of your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service. The taxi fares to "Studentski Grad" and to "Royal" should be around 1400 RSD and 1800 RSD, respectively.

A cheaper (but more complicated) way is to use the bus:

Airport buses

To reach "Studentski Grad", take the mini bus A1 from the airport, and exit at the "Tosin Bunar/Pariske Komune" station. To reach "Royal", take the mini bus A1 from the airport, exit at the main train station, then take the tram number 2 to reach the "Kalemegdan" train station. Feel free to ask the driver to notify you when you should exit. The bus ticket is purchased in the bus, and should cost 300 RSD.

For those with accomodation in "Studentski Grad" --- once you are in the campus complex, ask for the hostel which is situated in Building 1 ("Block 1").

Conference venue

The registration and lectures will be held at the "Milutin Milankovic Society", in downtown Belgrade:

Milutin Milankovic Society

On the first day of the meeting, the organizers will show you how to reach the venue from the hotel/hostel. "Royal" is within walking distance, while "Studentski Grad" has a connection via buses 71 and 75 to the station "Zeleni Venac", from which the venue is within walking distance.

See the Google map with annotated key locations.

In case of an emergency, contact Prof. Branko Dragovich over the phone: +381 64 3270541.

Money exchange

The official currency in Serbia is the Serbian dinar (RSD), and it must be used for all payments for taxis, bus tickets, etc. Be advised to find a money exchange office/booth at the airport and get some of the local currency. The exchange rate should be around 116 RSD for 1 EUR.