Lectures, reports and short talks

Ignatios Antoniadis Naturalness and string phenomenology in the LHC era (slides)
Irina Arefeva Holographic description of heavy-ions collisions; Time machine deformations of conformal correlation functions (slides 1, slides 2)
Loriano Bonora EM correlators in conformal field theories and anomalies (abstract, slides)
Dusko Borka Orbits of S2 star in Yukawa gravity: simulations vs observations (abstract, slides)
Dmitri Bykov Branes at toric conical singularities (slides)
Martin Cederwall Fundamental issues in extended geometry (slides)
Ljubica Davidovic Partial T-dualization in a weakly curved background (slides)
Ivan Dimitrijevic On nonlocal modified gravity with cosmological solutions (abstract, slides)
Goran Djordjevic "Classicalization" vs quantization of tachyon dynamics (slides)
Vladimir Dobrev Intertwining operator realization of anti de Sitter holography (abstract, slides)
Branko Dragovich p-Adic mathematical physics and its applications (slides)
Alexey Golovnev Reflections on information paradox in Black Holes (abstract, slides)
Eduardo Guendelman Unification of inflation and dark energy from spontaneous breaking of scale invariance (abstract, slides)
Sinisa Ignjatovic Another modification of the ACD sum rule (abstract, slides)
Predrag Jovanovic Gravitational lensing as a powerful tool in observational cosmology (abstract, slides, movie)
Takeo Kojima Vertex operator approach to semi-infinite lattice model (abstract, slides)
Nenad Manojlovic Algebraic Bethe ansatz for the XXX chain with triangular boundaries and Gaudin model (abstract, slides)
Aleksandar Mikovic Regge quantum theory of gravity (abstract, slides)
Stepan Moskaliuk Polarization of photons in matter-antimatter Universe (abstract, slides)
Bojan Nikolic Algebra of the winding and momenta modes in the weakly curved background (slides)
Emil Nissimov A new venue of spontaneous supersymmetry breaking in supergravity (abstract, slides)
Dimitri Polyakov Higher spin gauge theories, background independence and string field theory (slides 1, slides 2)
Ekaterina Pozdeeva Particle creation multiplicity in modified AdS_5 spaces (abstract, slides)
Voja Radovanovic Noncommutative SO(2,3) gauge theory and noncommutative gravity (slides)
Igor Salom Permutation-symmetric three-particle hyper-spherical harmonics (slides)
Alexander Silenko Conformal invariance for scalar and Dirac particles in Riemannian spacetimes: new results (abstract, slides)
Fumihiko Sugino Spontaneous supersymmetry breaking and instanton sum in 2D type IIA superstring theory (abstract, slides)
Marek Szydlowski Dynamical complexity of FRW cosmological models (abstract)
Sergey Vernov Exact and asymptotic solutions for cosmological models with non-minimally coupled scalar fields (abstract, slides)
Mihai Visinescu Killing-Yano tensors on toric Sasaki-Einstein spaces (slides)
Marko Vojinovic The cosmological constant problem in the spincube model of quantum gravity (abstract, slides)
Aneta Wojnar Invariant solutions of the Wheeler-DeWitt equation in Hybrid Gravity (abstract, slides)
George Zoupanos Finite unified theories, the Higgs mass prediction and unification in extra dimensions (slides 1, slides 2)